Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Okay, try this:

  1. Go to the Google home page ( Click where it says Advanced Search. You’ll get a bunch of options for the kind of search you want to do.
  2. Look for their new Reading Level feature. Click the dropdown and choose “annotate results with reading levels”.
  3. Then go to the line “Search within a site or domain” and type the address of a site you’re interested in. Let’s start by entering and click the Advanced Search button. Here’s what I got:

Looks pretty reasonable for a general-interest newspaper. What about their main rival, the National Post? Let’s see:

Hmm, ever so slightly more demanding than the Globe? Perhaps that has something to do with their jailbird founder’s well-known fondness for verbal orotundity. Let’s have a look at a couple of sites I frequent, from low:

To high:

There’s a site called arXiv where scientific papers are published. How are they doing?

Whew, 100% advanced! I’d be worried they weren’t doing their job otherwise. Finally, this new version of my blog doesn’t seem to have been counted yet, but how does the old one stack up?

Woo-hoo! Right down the middle, baby! This brow is too high, while this one is too low, but this one is juuust right. 🙂


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