From the halls of Montezuma, to…

So maybe you noticed the price of gas just went up again? Christine was stonkered enough to post a WTF on Facebook last night: 121.6 cents per liter! The reason is pretty simple: Muammar Qaddafi isn’t busy just murdering his own citizens, markets are worried that he also has his loyalists blowing up pipelines to send a message to Libyans that they face a choice between him and ruin. There isn’t enough spare capacity around to replace a shortfall, so: up goes the price.

A couple of weeks ago I calculated how much a $1,000 e-bike would cost in equivalent fuel consumption, and came up with two years’ worth. That number now stands at one year, nine months and ten days or so. Put another way, at the former price of $1.08 per liter, that e-bike is the equivalent of 926 liters of gasoline. Now it’s only 822 liters. Do I hear 700?


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