Things I came across: Week of March 28, 2011

I’m going to start keeping track of cool, fun, interesting, terrifying and/or random things I come across and posting them on a regular basis. Here’s the first collection.

  • An eight-year-long thread (and still going strong) of ER docs, nurses, students, paramedics and others who live in the world of emergency medicine, venting about their mostest favouritest patients. (It’s not heartless, just a coping mechanism.)
  • Infographic: How to have a rational discussion. By itself it’s not going to change anyone’s mind. However, if you’re ever roped into in a conversation with someone who thinks there’s an actual debate to be had about vaccines causing autism (hint: they don’t), or the reality of the Apollo moon landings, it’s a useful way to gauge how badly they’re wasting your time. As a reasonable person, you will, of course, be making a conscientious effort to follow the rules and reach the “Congratulations” box fair and square. If the other person does not follow the rules, you’re fully justified in cutting off discussion and declaring them the loser.
  • From 1905 to 1916, there was a hockey team right here in Canada called the Windsor Swastikas. Not the Windsor I live in, thank God, the one in Nova Scotia. Wikipedia helpfully notes “the Swastikas chose their name as at the time the swastika was a symbol associated with luck and success.” Today, even though the Town of Windsor’s website bills the place as the “Birthplace of Hockey”, the team is mysteriously nowhere to be found on the site.

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