Call it a buck fifty in dumbass tax

Turning 40 sucks, except in comparison to the alternative of course. Now that I’ve reached that milestone, it behooves me to start looking out for my health a bit better. I visited the doctor today to look after a couple of things, including arranging a complete physical. Turns out it’s been some time since my last visit – I didn’t even know he’d moved his office. So, after arriving early and paying for 90 minutes’ parking at the old Ottawa Street location: d’oh! But at least, when he brought up a prostate exam he named a date that’s still five years in the future, so that’s some consolation.

In other news, starting to get things together for the move. First of all, big thanks to Julie for coming through with cardboard boxes totally unasked – you rock! Next up, I have made some progress getting quotes from movers, and I’m pretty close to making my choice. (Thanks to all who offered to help, and I will totally be taking advantage of you guys one way or another.) Then I start looking around the place for seldom-used items I can start packing up early, and my gaze falls on those sad, dusty racks with all those CDs. I love my music collection, but for some years now, we all know that new music either gets ripped to the computer or iPod first thing (if it comes on a CD), or else comes over a wire to begin with. While I’ve ripped quite a number of the older CDs as the listening occasions have arisen, quite a few have been neglected and basically unlistened-to. So in conjunction with packing, I’ve started the project of popping them in the computer one by one and at last getting them all onto the hard drive. The music will live in cyberspace from now on, while the actual CDs will be relegated to storage, and I’ll get a bit of living space back. The toll so far: numerous trips from the TV to the computer to swap discs, one spill (nothing major – Colvin thru Cowboy Junkies, zero damage), and an annoyingly large amount of time spent online chasing down album art so I don’t lose that part of the experience altogether.


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5 Responses to Call it a buck fifty in dumbass tax

  1. Yourmom says:

    Looking forward to helping set up your new digs with you.

  2. Tara says:

    Why store the CDs?

  3. CM says:

    Try Mp3tag for organizing your music and saving your songs with all the correct meta-data (including cover art). This should save you some time…it can pull the cover art directly from amazon. Very handy little program.

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