Due Date

Saw Due Date the other day with Rob and Froggy. It was tolerably obvious from the trailer that it would basically be an Apatow-era remake of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, with Zach Galifianakis as the lovable, well-meaning screwup and Robert Downey Jr. as the uptight, self-involved, but not totally irredeemable asshole. Still, I wasn’t expecting the connection to be quite so on the nose. In fact the two main characters meet in a scene that is basically a direct quote of the taxicab scene that starts PT&A, with Downey as Steve Martin and Galifianakis as both John Candy and Kevin Bacon. Rob told me later he couldn’t ignore the fact once I pointed it out to him, which hurt his enjoyment.

It’s not a bad movie, actually, but slow (especially at first) and a bit too loose for me to enjoy it fully either. It does start to add up toward the end, though. Maybe save this one for a rental.


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